Feb 26, 2018

2018 New additions: See the items we have added lately.


These are some the products we added recently to our store: https://perumiskistore.com/

For more information and prices, just click on the pictures or links and they will open in a new window.

Mantas from Cusco. 120x100 cm / 46"x39". Acrylic fibers. Geometric designs. These mantas are very colorful.

Mantas from Cusco

Backpacks, multicolor. 11 inches long (28 cm), 12 inches wide (30 cm) aprox. We have these in rasta colors, too.


Double zipper bags. Assorted colors. 7 inches long (18 cm), 4.75 inches wide (12 cm). The fabric is peruvian manta.

Double zipper bags

Rainbow bracelets, zigzag pattern with inner cord in red color.

Rainbow bracelets

Finger puppets in acrylic wool. Assorted figures: humans, heroes, animals.

Finger Puppets

Tagua necklaces Lots of colors. We have earrings, too.

 Tagua Necklaces

Achira bracelets. The achira seed is knitted with waxed thread. 

 Achira bracelets

New colors of ribbon. Now we have 20 different colors in pieces of 15 mm wide and 9.5 mt (10 yards) long.

 Inca Ribbons

Hello Kitty friendship bracelets. Lot of 70 pieces. The bead in the center measures 13 mm diameter.

Hello Kitty Bracelets

Pompom scrunchies These are elastic amd they can be used as bracelets, too.

Pompom Scrunchies