Feb 21, 2017

Additions to our store. New handcrafted items, January and February 2017


These are some of the additions we have been making to our store in January and February. You can click on them and see the whole descriptions and prices. As usual, please feel free to contact me with any question you may have, I will reply within 24 hours, please include your country and zip code so I can also calculate the shipping options and fees:

Leather Bracelets with stones:

 Leather Bracelets with Stones

Handbags in badana and peruvian manta:

 Handbags in badana and peruvian manta

Rasta bracelets in double knot:

 Rasta bracelets, wholesale

Bracelets in worked aloaca with Nazca lines designs:

 Alpaca silver bracelets, Nazca Lines

Friendship bracelets, double knot:

 Friendship bracelets wholesale

Padded pouches for cell phones:

Padded bags for cell phones

 Pencil cases / Make up bags in badana and manta:

 Pencil Cases, make-up bags

Keyrings - Pan flute:

 Panflute keyrings

Jewelry pouches:

 Jewelry Pouches

Coinpurses in badana and peruvian manta:

 Cpin purses wholesale

Headbands, very colorful:

 Colorful headbands from Peru