Sep 4, 2015

Dreamcatcher bracelets

Getting a new order ready!!
These are friendship bracelets with dreamcatchers. We usually send them in assorted colors but we can also prepare them by color request, in this case the MOQ is 50 identical pieces.
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Friendship bracelets with dreamcatchers

Friendship bracelets with dreamcatchers

Sep 3, 2015

Peruvian jelwelry, friendship bracelets, textiles, New items September 2015


Our additions this month are:

Manta fabrics. These are pieces that measure 120 x 100 cm (46 x 39 inches) Geometric patterns. The colors we have are rasta, blue, white, fuchsia, jade, orange, yellow, green, red, turquoise, purple, black, multicolor

Alpaca bracelets with gem glass, the metal is worked with Nazca Lines.

Friendship bracelets in square knot, nylon cord.
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Manta Fabrics from Peru

Bracelets with Nazca Lines

Friendship bracelets, square knot