Jan 26, 2018

2018 New look for Peru Miski web site


We recently changed our website, it is a little but very important difference, from http to https: https://perumiskistore.com/  

So, we also upgraded the design, if you had an account  with us, you will need to create a new one (simple steps, really) or just send us an mail store@peru-miski.com and we will handle your order directly. 

Everything else is the same, emails, paypal account. We did lose the number of shares and likes we had earned in so many years but all for the sake of having an even more secure site.

You will find the same products and many new ones, I will post some of them here later in a new entry but, so far, these are the cathegories you will see when you visit Peru Miski Store:

 Peru Miski Store
Peru Miski Store: handmade accesories