Oct 17, 2015

More new items, October 2015

And, we have new jewelry made with alpaca silver and manta round beads, these are very colorful.
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Manta Bracelets Manta Bracelets

Manta necklaces Manta Necklaces


Also new bracelets in rainbow colors. These are made with anodized aluminum jump rings:

Rainbow Bracelets

Embroidered Belts from Ayacucho, Peru

One of our latest additions are these woderful belts. They are knitted and embroidered with sheep wool in Ayacucho, Peru. The bright colors are made with natural dyes.

We have listed them by units and by lots of 12 and 25 pieces and we can get larger lots if you need.
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Red Ayacucho Belt

Purple Ayacucho Belt

Mustard Ayacucho Belt