Mar 12, 2009

Peruvian Jewelry - Alpaca Silver

Looking for Peruvian Jewelry, Textiles, Alpaca yarn, scarves, ponchos?

Or maybe you already have a full time job, but still, are looking for some extra income like I was some years ago.

This used to be my side job, I started selling jewelry after my daily office journey but, when I saw I could make in one week what I was paid in one month I decided to make my living out of this. I earn right now 8 times what I was paid while working for others, and the amount is increasing month after month.

Not only that, I've already created a formal company here in Peru and have people working directly with me which allows me to offer even lower prices.

Thread Earrings
Thread Earrings

Let's say you start with this: Thread Earrings

50 pairs of earrings for $32.00 plus shipping according to your location.

Then you sell it in smaller quantities, you can even do it in eBay. Let's say you charge $5 (at least) each pair, you would be making more than $200 profit.
Peruvian Friendship Bracelets
Peruvian Friendship Bracelets


These are very good sellers: Friendship Bracelets 
 You pay $22 for 100 bracelets (plus shipping)
and then sell each $4 or $5
you decide and make the maths.

What if there is some show or flea market near your home. Or you make a garage sale from time to time. You can esaily increase your earnings.Easy right? And I make everything, you will receive every piece of jewery bagged individually, just ready to be sold.

To see my whole store, please click here:  

I have more earrings, friendship bracelets, alpaca bracelets, necklaces, sets, rings, slave bracelets, anklets, rasta items, pride items, chullos, bags, ponchos, scarves, alpaca yarn, ceramics. 
Peruvian Handicrafts
Peruvian Handicrafts

The jewelry is mainly handmade with alpaca silver and semi-precious stones, agates, murano, cats eyes beads.

If you wish to contact me: